's Cloud Backup and Recovery solution automatically backs up your data, safeguarding it on a proven infrastructure with guaranteed connectivity. It will keep your data safe, confidential and accessible anywhere, anytime without draining your IT resources or budget.


Continuous Backup in the Background's cloud backup equips with the Continuous Data Protection feature which when enabled will keep monitoring the computer silently in the background to see if there are any changes within the defined set of files and folders. Whenever there is a change, it will immediately back it up to the corresponding backup server.


Proprietary Backup Features

Besides Continuous Data Protection technology,'s cloud backup also equips with many useful backup features such as Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express easy backup, multi-threading multi-core backup, In-File Delta incremental backup, 256-bit encryption, 256-bit SSL transmission, flexible backup schedules, open-file backup, flexible retention policy, unlimited versioning, easy backup source filtering, on-premises and offsite backups, etc.


Clean User Interface

Designed for desktop and laptop backup users,'s cloud backup Standard edition comes with a clean and easy to use interface that all users will know how to install, configure and use it.


100% Restorable

Companies having trouble in restoring backed up data with your existing backup software? It will never happen again after using's cloud backup. We guarantee 100% restorability of the backed up data as backup data's integrity will be ensured by the regular CRC integrity checking on the corresponding backup server.