Complete Data Protection solutions

Protect and recover critical data and systems

Prepare for and recover from the effects of equipment failure or accidental loss of data with consistent and reliable data protection that improves the efficiency of systems and staff.

  • Ensure reliable and fast data, system, and application recovery.
  • Improve recovery times, reduce storage consumption, and centralize data from remote offices.
  • Improve operational efficiency with data protection software offering automated backup tasks, simplified management, and recovery in minutes - not hours or days.
  • Protect and recover both physical and virtual systems using best-in-class data protection solutions.

The amount of data your organization maintains on disks is growing at a dramatic rate. Database volumes are doubling or tripling every 12 months, while IT resources remain the same. The backup windows / down-time needed to perform regular backup procedures is becoming harder and harder to find. Continuous developments in storage technology are adding new layers of complexity to rapidly evolving IT infrastructures. There is a growing need to be able to administer and control all backup operations in the organization from a central location. can solve these problems by offering a full Data Protection implementation service tailored to the client`s specific needs.