High Availability solutions

At omicro.net we know that any disruption to your business, whether planned or unplanned, can be costly to your business. With our high availability solutions, you can minimize or eliminate any costs related to downtime in your IT infrastructure regardless which platform you are on.


Ensure high availability for your mission critical applications
In today’s 24 x 7 global economy, your mission critical applications cannot afford to be off-line for even a small period of time. If your customers and employees do not have access to their mission critical applications and data, revenue, productivity and brand reputation are at stake. That is why omicro.net offers Symantec high availability (HA) solutions and data protection.

  • Automates and accelerates recovery from unforeseen errors.
  • Enables non-disruptive high availability testing.
  • Provides out-of-the-box support for all major applications, databases and replication technologies across heterogeneous physical and virtual platforms.

In addition, you can slash planned downtime, prevent unplanned downtime and recover rapidly from outages as you:

  • Eliminate planned downtime for common maintenance operations.
  • Provide higher availability independent of hardware, operating system and applications.
  • Recovery rapidly from operating system and server failures with automatic virtual machine restarts