Helping businesses work smarter

Surviving in today’s business world often boils down to your ability to adapt rapidly to change — something that’s not always possible with an in-house IT infrastructure. We're helping businesses around the world increase agility and trim IT costs by hosting their infrastructure, email and collaboration environments in the cloud. 

Also, we are a specialist IT solution provider for virtualization, storage, business continuity and disaster recovery, security,  IT systems and services management and IT automation. We provide IaaS cloud services through our partnership data center in Greece and in Europe.

We work closely with our clients to develop and implement strategic initiatives that transform and consolidate their IT environments leveraging state of the art virtualization and cloud computing technologies. We design and deliver fast, flexible and dynamic IT architectures that align with the business needs and priorities. We deliver cost-effective solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to slash capex and opex; to increase agility and time to market; to become resilient, running their Business As Usual despite disasters, malfunctions, mishaps or human errors.