Gain significant advantages by virtualizing demanding applications like Exchange, MS SQL and Oracle; you will exceed the performance of physical servers while eliminating the need to overprovision. Increase your service levels and maximize infrastructure efficiency with VMware vSphere, which dynamically allocates resources as your applications need them. Set up a standardized service catalog to deploy applications in minutes for on-demand provisioning, while ensuring consistency across application instances. A large and growing list of vendors officially support their applications running on VMware vSphere, including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and many more.


Virtualization improves IT efficiency, flexibility, and availability, transforming service delivery while reducing costs. Virtualizing business critical applications (BCA)  will dramatically the value that this technology brings to your business. However, organizations hesitate to include such applications in their virtualized platforms because they lack specific in-house expertise to design the proper virtualized environment for  BCA or due to a  perception of risk associated with such projects.

We understand that enterprise application failures can have a devastating effect on your business. We have the expertise and maturity to identify the impact of virtualization changes across your organization and implement the optimal architecture, infrastructure, process, organization, and governance controls.

Our services instill confidence to  run on your virtual systems  Oracle applications and databases, Microsoft applications including Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint and other enterprise applications. We will undertake design and implementation of the infrastructure and perform as the necessary platform migrations. Our reliable, repeatable methodologies and experienced consultants will help reduce risk and downtime, accelerate your deployment, prepare your team to effectively manage the environment and ensure first-time success.